Never Lose Another Discovery

Rediscover creates a copy of your Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, every Friday.

Connect Rediscover with Spotify

How does Rediscover work?

Rediscover uses the Spotify API to create a new playlist in your Spotify account every Friday that has the same songs as your Discover Weekly playlist, at that time

Will Rediscover modify my playlists?

No. Rediscover will only ever create new playlists. One per week, on Friday, to be exact.

What will the playlist be called?

It will be called "Rediscover - {DATE}", where {DATE} will be replaced with the day the playlist is created.

How do I turn off Rediscover

Go to your Spotify account settings, find the apps tab and then "revoke access" from Rediscover. You will now no longer get new Rediscover playlists